Riding Lessons

Camp Middlesex has partnered with Contry Hill Farm in Mason, NH to offer campers beginning horseback riding lessons (www.contryhillfarm.com).  For an additional fee, campers will be transported to Contry Hill Farm Monday – Friday and have a 30-minute mounted lesson and a 30-minute horsemanship lesson.  Horsemanship topics include: safety, horse breeds, stall cleaning and feeding, and parts of the saddle and bridle.  Mounted topics include: mounting/dismounting, control and steering, and how to post at the walk.


Campers will get to ride almost every day!  If the weather doesn’t permit and it’s deemed unsafe to ride (i.e. high winds, thunder storm, etc.), campers will do an unmounted stable management lesson.

Campers that sign up for this program will be required to wear long comfortable pants and a closed-toe shoe or boot with a flat sole and a heel of 1-1.5.”  All campers will be required to wear ASTM/SEI approved riding helmets and is provided to each camper by Contry Hill Farm.


Emily Sumner – Head Riding Instructor and Supervisor
Emily Sumner is 31 and has over 20 years of riding experience and 10 years of teaching experience.  She formerly worked for a small animal veterinary practice.  Emily has her bachelors of science in Equine Management from Cazenovia College (2008).  She also participated on the intercollegiate dressage team.  In college, she was a national competitor and won many awards at the College’s highest levels.  Emily has owned Contry Hill Farm for 3 years and has been active in teaching and caring for the horses for the last 10 years.

derek and Emily

Emily has coached multiple students to achieve their “C” ratings with the USPC (United State’s Pony Club) a national ranking program for juniors.  She also has had students participate in local 4-H shows/clubs and they’ve even qualified for hippology nationals in KY.  One of her students went on to work for the Olympic three day event rider Stephen Bradley.

Her main focus for her students is working towards a balance seat to improve one’s riding for any discipline.  She puts a strong emphasis on horsemanship and stable management.  Emily provides excellent systematic instruction to all levels of riders on the lunge line, flat or over fences.  Her positive instruction always emphasizes horse care and kind soft riding methods.  Emily enjoys bringing students to shows, trail riding, eventing, jumping, and dressage.

Other Staff Members
Many of these helpers are our advanced riders that ride and handle horses year round.  All handlers and staff members at our facility are required to do a 3-day training course that informs them of their responsibilities and emphasizes safety and horse care.  During this training, we cover the farm procedures for handling emergencies, managing horses and any quirks, or any conflicts (other staff or campers).  All handlers or assistants are supervised by the head riding instructor.  All handlers are required to be experienced with handling horses.

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